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Who’s the strongest?

Please reply and tell which one you think will win.

Excitement in the air (and water)


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Tokyo’s underground afterhours

The guidebooks list plenty of impressive clubs in Tokyo. and event information sites such as Metropolis are useful. It’s by far the biggest city in the world and the average standard of living is very high, so the nightlife standards are

However, the best atmosphere and most radical mix of up-for-it people can be often found in secret hideaways which go completely unmentioned in the web, don’t post flyers and are simply totally underground: Usually the only way to find them is with a local guide personally taking you there. Even word of mouth is not enough as the places are well hidden in the hive of microestablishments that comprises the immensely complex organisation of matter that is Tokyo.

So I don’t think I’m ruining it by listing some of the key spots. You will need a local guide in any case.

Red Room (Shibuya): The coolness factor here is beyond words. Complete with a moody bartender you can still be friendly with.

Bahama (Roppongi): Full of mirrors and opened just three months ago, manages to up the party vibe to highest levels with live DJ who knows what MCing is about.

Quest (Roppongi): Frequented by a very mixed Roppongi crowd from 6 am till 10 am. Music policy is a bit trancy, but you don’t really care by the time you end up here… Your Search is Over.

Found it

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The Ultimate Luxury Item

I’ve found it. It was on the third floor of the Takashimaya Times Square Tokyu Hands department with a price tag of only 787 yen.


Nattomoto by Yuzo Takahashi Laboratory. Insignificant as it may seem at a first glance, this little bottle is good for producing 30kg of prime natto. In a few years the availability of natto should radically increase in the west, but meanwhile I’m treasuring it with great respect. Perhaps our home kitchen will be the first natto-production unit in Helsinki, Finland or even Scandinavia?

Nattoheads! Unite in solidarity for the oncoming global tsunami of fermented soybean paste.

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Back in Tokyo

And wonderful as always! The food at e.g. Tsukiji Sushiko still melts in your mouth. Which of the 60 or so standard nigiri choices would you prefer?

Tsukiji Sushiko Roppongi branch standard nigiri menu

Akasaka Tofu-ie remains a recommended destination for traditional non-fish preparations. Yesterday I was lucky to expand my consciousness by finally dining an authentic full set menu of Kyoto tofu at the Maru-biru building in Marunouchi. It is a delicate experience and unlike any other tofu I’ve had.

Oishii desu.

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In the meantime

I’m wondering if anyone reads this blog – my excuse for starting it to demonstrate the need for our community creation tech in the blogging space which would instantly show my posts up next to related other blogs and attract a large amount of readers. The latest statistics of one reader in 30 days seem to prove the case – and I think it was myself.
Well I went to 3GSM which was such a flurry, I was literally running from a meeting to another. Of course couldn’t miss the nightlife. At the Motorola one of the highlights was a closeup zoom of the Nokia 7710 suddenly filling a huge screen in the music video the VJ was mixing. I guess they had an internal meeting afterwards.

At that particular party I was shocked to be charged 10 € for a Gin Tonic. Looking around, I was an empty table with five large bottles of quality booze. I sat down and also noticed some spare VIP rope nearby. By cordoning off the area I created a VIP space and a friend of mine assumed temporary bouncer status to let in appropriate VIP people.
Motorola party self-created VIP space
Notice to shareholders: I was not hung over the next day, and made all the scheduled meetings 🙂

Thanks to LIfe Extension Foundation for their excellent Anti-Alcohol Antioxidant capsules, which have proved their worth already at two major industry events.

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Back in Helsinki


Sunset from Kaivopuisto with Harakka and Uunisaari islands

Winter has finally settled in Helsinki. It’s properly cold and the sea is frozen. We went for a walk around nearby islands and the whiteness was blinding with air crispily teasing your cheeks.

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Networking in the Alps


Arrived from the best ever industry event. I’ve been in the Alps before, but this time it was a real high.

The atmosphere was just amazing, there are some seriously fun people in the mobile industry.

To top it off, I didn’t even have a serious hangover once 4709_30012006(009).jpg– except to support a nice view.

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