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Tokyo’s underground afterhours

The guidebooks list plenty of impressive clubs in Tokyo. and event information sites such as Metropolis are useful. It’s by far the biggest city in the world and the average standard of living is very high, so the nightlife standards are

However, the best atmosphere and most radical mix of up-for-it people can be often found in secret hideaways which go completely unmentioned in the web, don’t post flyers and are simply totally underground: Usually the only way to find them is with a local guide personally taking you there. Even word of mouth is not enough as the places are well hidden in the hive of microestablishments that comprises the immensely complex organisation of matter that is Tokyo.

So I don’t think I’m ruining it by listing some of the key spots. You will need a local guide in any case.

Red Room (Shibuya): The coolness factor here is beyond words. Complete with a moody bartender you can still be friendly with.

Bahama (Roppongi): Full of mirrors and opened just three months ago, manages to up the party vibe to highest levels with live DJ who knows what MCing is about.

Quest (Roppongi): Frequented by a very mixed Roppongi crowd from 6 am till 10 am. Music policy is a bit trancy, but you don’t really care by the time you end up here… Your Search is Over.

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