The Ultimate Luxury Item

I’ve found it. It was on the third floor of the Takashimaya Times Square Tokyu Hands department with a price tag of only 787 yen.


Nattomoto by Yuzo Takahashi Laboratory. Insignificant as it may seem at a first glance, this little bottle is good for producing 30kg of prime natto. In a few years the availability of natto should radically increase in the west, but meanwhile I’m treasuring it with great respect. Perhaps our home kitchen will be the first natto-production unit in Helsinki, Finland or even Scandinavia?

Nattoheads! Unite in solidarity for the oncoming global tsunami of fermented soybean paste.



  1. GianPaolo said

    ne vorrei 10 confezioni

  2. GianPaolo said

    spedire il materiale
    Via Fossa N20 Orti di Bonavivo

    Paese: Bonavigo
    Provincia: Verona
    Nazione: Italia

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