In the meantime

I’m wondering if anyone reads this blog – my excuse for starting it to demonstrate the need for our community creation tech in the blogging space which would instantly show my posts up next to related other blogs and attract a large amount of readers. The latest statistics of one reader in 30 days seem to prove the case – and I think it was myself.
Well I went to 3GSM which was such a flurry, I was literally running from a meeting to another. Of course couldn’t miss the nightlife. At the Motorola one of the highlights was a closeup zoom of the Nokia 7710 suddenly filling a huge screen in the music video the VJ was mixing. I guess they had an internal meeting afterwards.

At that particular party I was shocked to be charged 10 € for a Gin Tonic. Looking around, I was an empty table with five large bottles of quality booze. I sat down and also noticed some spare VIP rope nearby. By cordoning off the area I created a VIP space and a friend of mine assumed temporary bouncer status to let in appropriate VIP people.
Motorola party self-created VIP space
Notice to shareholders: I was not hung over the next day, and made all the scheduled meetings 🙂

Thanks to LIfe Extension Foundation for their excellent Anti-Alcohol Antioxidant capsules, which have proved their worth already at two major industry events.


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