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I got a business card scanner and scanned 1000 cards from 4-5 years in one day. They went into a PC app and a web database where it’s really easy to search them and see the actual card. Very useful!

Today I transferred the contacts into Outlook and uploaded them into Linkedn. I sent invitations (247) to everyone who was already on LinkedIn and not in my network, and the connections are now piling up fast. Found out who’s left which company and am also getting lots of Christmas and other greetings back, maybe because it’s Friday and people start to be in a holiday mood.. Nice to get so warm and cozy after all this automation!


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Gotta try it out

It’s about time I try blogging. Actually this is the same as adding notes with dates to my personal webpage at the U Helsinki Physics department back in 93. But now there’s a catchy name for it and more people think it’s cool than back then. Enuff nostalgia, soon I’ll start thinking how much money I could have made by registering some domain names in the early 90s etc..

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